photo credit: Alon Koppel

photo credit: Alon Koppel

Homestyle Korean Food from Annie’s Kitchen:

Pajeon (scallion pancake) $6

Mandu (dumplings) veggie or ground pork, 5 pieces $7

Dakgangjeong (sweet and spicy twice-fried chicken wings)

half dozen $8

Kimbap (Korean sushi roll) rice and pickled veggies rolled in seaweed $8

add beef or pork +$2

Soup of the Day $5


Japchae (vegetarian stir fried rice noodles with mushroom + onion +

carrot + pepper) served with rice + sesame spinach + kimchi $13

Bulgogi (spicy soy marinated steak or pork butt) served with 

rice + sauteed zucchini + sesame spinach + kimchi $17

Bibimbap (mixed rice bowl) with zucchini + spinach + carrot + 

mushroom + bean sprouts + kimchi + fried egg on top $14

Add pork or steak +$4


Rice Pudding $6


All meat has been sourced locally and is hormone + antibiotic free

Soy sauce (gluten) is used liberally in this kitchen

We can accommodate take-out orders if we aren’t too busy in-house




Sake Martini  Sake + Dolin dry vermouth stirred served up with an olive $8

Castrati (Cappelletti Spritz)  Cappelletti + Dry Vermouth + Tonic + Lime $9

Dubois  Sake + Quinquina apertif + Cider float + Lemon $9

Aye Aye Cap’n  Prosecco + Bonal apertif + Lime $9

Ramona Organic Wine Spritz rotating flavors $7/Can

Sangria (when available) $8/glass


Getrank Gruner Veltliner, Austria $8/glass

A crisp bright treat that finishes dry after hints of apple and grapefruit

Primary Chardonnay, California $9/glass

Light-bodied but buttery with a kick of lemon zest at the end

Lucashof Riesling, Germany $9/glass

Well balanced with a little sweetness and a little tartness. Peach and nectarine aromas

McPherson Pinot Gris, Australia $10/glass

Slightly blush due to prolonged skin contact. Complex, textural and almost savory


Di Majo Norante, Cabernet Sauvignon, Italy $8/ glass

Plum and stone fruit nose, cassis, tobacco, and sweet spice in the glass. Medium-bodied but juicy with a pronounced acidity

Visconti Della Rocca Montepulciano, Italy $8/glass

Deep purple color, full body of mocha, black cherry + vanilla. Long elegant finish

Ktima Mitravelas Agiorgitiko (Ah-yor-YEE-te-ko), Greece $8/Glass

We can’t pronounce it… But we love it! Fresh herb aroma, vibrant notes of blackberry

Hahn Pinot Noir, California $10/glass 

Red fruit and toasty cedar nose with a soft cherry mouth and light acidic finish


Botter Prosecco, Italy $7/split

Fresh and clean with a soft body and pleasing sparkle. Apple + pear with a hint of almond

Mont Marcal, Cava, Spain $10/glass

Fruity with depth and body. Mellow honeydew sweetness

Underwood Cellars Sparkling Rose, Oregon $10/can

Pinot noir + chardonnay grapes make a perfect strawberry sipper. 2 glasses in a can!

On Tap (pint)

Peroni (4.7%) $5

Founders All Day IPA (4.7%) $6

Rip Van Winkle Mountain House Helles Lager (4.7%) $6

Chatham Brewing Spike Devil Porter (6.0%) $6

Zero Gravity Conehead IPA (5.7%) $7

West Kill (rotating selection) $7

Beer (cans/bottles)

Bud (5%) Bud Light (4.2%) $4/bottle

Corona (4.5%) $5/bottle

Stella Artois (5%) $5/bottle 

Jack’s Abby Copper Legend Oktoberfest (5.7%) $5/pint can

Mikkeller Staff Magician IPA (7.7%) $6/pint can

Mikkeller Raspberry Blush Sour (4%) $7/pint can

Interboro IPA (6%) $7/pint can


Bad Seed Dry Cider (6.9%) $5/12oz can

King’s Highway Dry Cider - Rotating flavors (6.9%) $6/12oz can

Naked Flock (6.8%) $6/12 oz can


Tozai Night Swim (14%)  $6/187ml jar

ENTER.sake, Black Dot (15%)  $9/180ml jar

Tozai Living Jewel Junmai (14.9%) $10/300ml bottle 


Wild Basin Boozy Lime Seltzer (5%) $5/pint can

Flying Embers “Ancient Berry” Hard Kombucha (4.5%) $6/pint can

Vermouth/Fortified Wine

De Muller Vermouth, Blanco/Rojo (16%)  $7

Del Professore Vermouth, Classico/Rosso (18%) $10

Lillet (17%) $7

Kaapse Dief Caperitif Aperitif (16.5%) $8

Cappelletti Apertivo (17%) $8 

Bonal Gentian-Quina Apertif (16%) $8

L.N. Mattei, Cap Corse Blanc Quinquina Apertif (17%) $8

Barnard Griffin Columbia Valley Syrah Port (19.5%) $9


Saratoga Sparkling Mineral Water $2

Fever Tree Ginger Beer $3

Fentimans Dandelion Burdock $4

Fentimans Mandarin Seville Orange $4

Fentimans Rose Lemonade $4

Crosscut Cold Brew Coffee, black or maple $5

Yesfolk Kombucha $5